Dustin & Richole

Just a couple quick ones for now.  I have known Dustin since before he was in Junior High, and I just met Richole a few short days before their wedding.  They are amazing, and I consider it a huge privilege to be the one that got to capture their beautiful day.


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Donaven and I had to work hard to get our schedules to cooperate to make it out for his senior pictures.  We finally managed to go out the morning of Mother’s Day, and we had a great time!  It was by far one of my quickest sessions to date, but it was also one of the most enjoyable.

Donaven is a great kid with a very bright future.  He must be very smart – he’s chosen to attend college in one of the best cities I know of – Missoula!  Go Grizzlies!

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Sweet sweet KayCee.  She is so unique – she has always marched to her own drummer, and that is probably my favorite thing about her.  She knows herself and embraces her own style.  KayCee is graduating in June, and then she’s planning on heading to the Seattle area for school.  I know she will be successful, and she is going to go far!


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Arlene is a senior at Irrigon High School.  I have known her since the end of her seventh grade year in school.  She is one of my absolute favorites from my time working there.  She is funny, quick-witted, and gregarious.  Years ago she nick-named me Mustard – a name that she and her sisters still call me today.  I’m really going to miss her!

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