Take a Hike!

I know, I know, it’s HOT, it’s miserably HOT, but I encourage everone to take advantage of the good weather and get outside. Go for a walk, a hike, or just a nice drive through the mountains. You’ll see beautiful landscapes, gorgeous flowers, and maybe even a shy deer or two.
I took the time yesterday to have myself a little adventure on the Umatilla River. I found beautiful things to photograph, and I renewed my spirit.
Have a wonderful week!

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Astonished and Surprised

As I posted below, this past weekend, I went to La Grande for the opening reception of the Season’s Faire Art Show because I had three prints submitted to the show, which is being held at Nightingale Gallery on the EOU Campus.

My personal favorite of the three is this one, Nature Twisted, and now I have even more reason for it to be my favorite. I won an Honorable Mention Prize in the show for this image!!! How exciting! I don’t even know what to say about it I am so astonished! I believe I even uttered a “holy ****” when they announced my name because I was standing at the back of the room, half asleep, not at all expecting to receive an award. The calibur of other photographers there was amazing, and I am humbled to have been recognized in such a manner.

So, here’s the proof, the certificate awarded to me Saturday night (yay for me!):
I hope all have had a great weekend, I will touch base again later this week. I am completely bogged-down proofing sessions, but I’ll post a few teases now and then!