Adam & Erica

Adam and Erica are one of the most laid back (yes, even you, Erica), friendly, open, and fun couples I have ever met.  Photographing their wedding was truly a joy and was the furthest thing from work I have experienced in a long time.  They truly are a joy to be around, and they radiate love


Adam and Erica got married at a thoroughbred ranch in Wallowa County.  Their country-themed wedding was amazing, beautiful, and radiated love. Continue reading

Senior Boy

I had a photo session Saturday in Wallowa County. I had the BEST session! It was for a Senior boy from Baker City, and we were taking some of his pictures on a ranch his mom’s grandfather owned. “V” is named after that grandfather, and some of his pictures are identical (as close as we could get without a horse and cows) to some of his grandfather. We had a great time, “V” is hilarious (I laughed the entire time), and his mother is very sweet and funny, as well! These are on the original Ford tractor his grandfather purchased in the 1970s.
Here’s a sneak peek for you, “V”: