Toni – Round 2

When I took Toni’s senior pictures the first time, she still had braces on and planned on having a second session after she got her braces off.  After fighting the weather, we finally managed to meet up last week.  Our session flew by, and, just like before, she was absolutely beautiful!



Natural Natalie

I don’t know what to say about this sweet girl.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t know where to start.  She is Emma’s best friend.  If you ask Reagan, though, she is also Reagan’s best friend.  She is athletic, funny, smart, caring, compassionate, loyal, and she is a hard worker (school, the farm, everything).

We took part of Natalie’s senior pictures today because she wanted to have some in the wheat before it is harvested.  We had a great time tromping through the fields, knees giving out, tripping in coyote holes, and laughing.

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Natalie is the part of our family that we don’t get to have around all the time, but she comes to visit often.  We all love her!


Donaven and I had to work hard to get our schedules to cooperate to make it out for his senior pictures.  We finally managed to go out the morning of Mother’s Day, and we had a great time!  It was by far one of my quickest sessions to date, but it was also one of the most enjoyable.

Donaven is a great kid with a very bright future.  He must be very smart – he’s chosen to attend college in one of the best cities I know of – Missoula!  Go Grizzlies!

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Sweet sweet KayCee.  She is so unique – she has always marched to her own drummer, and that is probably my favorite thing about her.  She knows herself and embraces her own style.  KayCee is graduating in June, and then she’s planning on heading to the Seattle area for school.  I know she will be successful, and she is going to go far!


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Arlene is a senior at Irrigon High School.  I have known her since the end of her seventh grade year in school.  She is one of my absolute favorites from my time working there.  She is funny, quick-witted, and gregarious.  Years ago she nick-named me Mustard – a name that she and her sisters still call me today.  I’m really going to miss her!

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I have known Josh for nearly 10 years.  His dad hunts with Aaron and me, and our kids have always hung out during hunting season.  Josh and Emma were the “big kids” of the group, so were tasked with wrangling the others and keeping them in line a lot.  I cannot believe he is now graduating.  It’s just too soon!

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Janie is AWESOME!  I have known her since she was in 7th grade, which seems like just yesterday, and now in a few short months, she will be graduating and heading off to Gresham and Mt. Hood Community College.  We had a lot of fun traipsing all over Eastern Oregon today, and injuries aside (I should NEVER NEVER NEVER try to run – i’ts a fact!), it was a fantastic day!

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Before my sister and her family moved to Hermiston from Union, Alisha was one of their babysitters.  The kids absolutely love her, and anyone who spends any amount of time with her will know why immediately!  She is funny, kind, determined, and she has a fabulous sense of self.  She was a complete blast to photograph!

Her one main goal of her senior pictures was to find some pretty pink flowers to have in her pictures.  This is one of my favorites from her session:

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